gudrun was opened in November of 2008. Located in historic Steveston, the room is a mix of warm reclaimed woods, concrete, clean lines and minimal design. Together, Patrick and Jean-Francois designed and handcrafted gudrun’s interior and furnishings, and transformed what used to be an art gallery and office into what it is today. A room that feels both contemporary and historic.

Our food is of the moment, with ingredients culled from local (and invaluable) farmers, butchers and cheese mongers. With chef Paul Finlay creating dishes that are unabashed in their whimsy.

It was while living in France in the 80s, that owner Patrick Tubajon was introduced to gudrun’s namesake. Living in Avignon, studying at L’Universite D’Avignon, indulging in red wine and steak frites, meeting new friends from all over the world…one of them being a young woman named Gudrun. They became roommates at the top of 10 rue Felix Gras in Avignon, and every day Gudrun would bring home new cheeses. Inspiring both a lifelong fondness and curiosity of cheese…and a restaurant.

When gudrun was first opened our focus was on simple eating… artisan cheeses, handmade charcuterie, wine and craft beer. And now, with chef Paul Finlay at the helm, our food program has been transported from cheese plates to 8 course meals (for our once a month Dinner Clubs).

We feel fortunate to have received some great accolades, Best New Restaurant in the Suburbs (Golden Plates, Georgia Straight) in our first year, and Best in Richmond (Golden Plates, Georgia Straight) for the following year. In 2009 and 2010 we were honoured to win a bronze at the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival, and in 2014 the judges from Vancouver Magazine awarded us with a silver for Best in Richmond.




gudrun tasting room